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Associate Membership - $300  ($50 initiation fee*)
Associate membership is for informational purposes only, you receive a weekly newsletter, can advertise in the newsletter and on the web as a member, it does not allow you access to projects either online or at the Exchange.

Level 1 Limited On-Line Access - $490  ($100 initiation fee*)
This allows full access to the plan center plus web access, which includes descriptions of all projects in the plan center and the ability to view and download Addenda, Plan Holders lists and Table of Contents. You will not be able to view and download plans and specs at this level. This is the minimum level of membership that qualifies for health insurance.

Level 2 Full On-Line Access – $800  ($100 initiation fee*)
This level has all the privileges of Level 1 including full access to the plan center with the added ability to view, do take-offs with Quick Eye Viewer and download plans and specs online, at no additional cost.

* Initiation fee is a one time fee as long as membership doesn't expire.


Newsletter Advertising
Weekly Members Non-Members
Business Card $15 $20
Up to ¼ Page $25 $50
½ Page $40 $80
Full Page $60 $120
Website Advertising
  Members Non-Members
Advertising Online $200/yr $250/yr
Copy and Fax
Receive a Fax   $0.13/page
Specification Copies 8½ x 11 $0.13/page b&w, $0.15/page color
  11 x 17 $0.23/page b&w, $0.25/page color
Blueprint Copies (20lb bond paper)*
* 25% discount if you
make your own copies
18 x 24 $1.25/page   
18 x 24 Color $1.50/page
24 x 36 $2.50/page
24 x 36 Color $2.75/page
30 x 42 $3.00/page
30 x 42 Color $3.25/page
34 x 44 $3.00/page
36 x 48 $3.00/page
  36 x 48 Color $3.50/page
Email Options Addendum $2.00/division
  Drawings $2.00/page
  Specifications $2.00/division
  Full Set $15.00
CD Options Burn CD $10.00 - $50.00
Blueprint Scan (no copy) Any Size $1.00/page
If we scan and print plans, we do not charge for emailing the same plans    
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